Finding Mastery

Finding_Mastery_Podcast_logo_FINAL2I can’t do justice to how much I like the Finding Mastery podcast. I don’t even know how I found it. But after trying a long list of podcasts that were either thinly veiled self promotion, way too out there, and/or just silly, this one feels like striking gold.

Right now I’m listening to the interview with U.S. Swim coach Sean Hutchinson. So much thought-provoking wisdom there. I especially like how he describes his realization that he didn’t care about swimming – he cared about helping people achieve things they thought were impossible. This changed his approach to coaching and the whole culture of his team.

On the spiritual front, the host, Michael Gervais, comes from a rather Buddhist perspective. This would normally drive me bonkers (Buddhism is a faith that has never worked for me) But it’s a credit to him that he can share what he believes without it becoming distracting when interviewees have other beliefs. He “holds the space” for a variety of world views in a professional way that has taught me a lot.

I appreciate what he’s creating here, and I think you will, too.