A Story Worth Living

Apologies for the lack of posts. I’m determined not to throw things up here just to fill space, so I wait until something really catches my attention and makes me think about life and faith in an interesting way. Thanks for your patience.

Today we have three pieces, so the drought is over 🙂


A scene from “A Story Worth Living.” Photo courtesy of A Story Film

First up is this cool article about a movie by John Eldridge & Sons. Inspired by the 2004 mini-series “Long Way Round,” where actors Ewen McGregor & Charley Boorman traversed the world on motorcycles, the Eldridge men decided to attempt something similar – with smaller geography but larger vision.

Here’s the part I really like: Eldridge says, “Part of the motive behind the film was adventure films are the No. 1 genre on YouTube … and they have nothing to say. There’s no meaning to the adventure. There’s no content. We wanted to go out and make a beautiful adventure film with rich content.”

I’m a longtime reader of Men’s Journal because the writing is so good. But I’ve often thought how pointless some of the articles are. Go on this or that epic adventure, sculpt a superhero body, broil the perfect steak...but why? There’s rarely any sense of purpose behind these quests. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for adventure, fitness & steak. They’re each wonderful in their own right. But when you add meaning to pursuits like this, that spills over and informs your everyday life, too. You know, the one that awaits us after every adventure.

I like that Eldridge has stuck to his guns about this hero stuff (I think he got hit with some heavy critique after his book Wild At Heart sold approximately 4 billion copies). We do all want meaning to our adventures. We do want life to be bigger. This article makes me think about how God is making that possible in my life, even without a motorcycle.

Phil Vischer: serious hilarity

cover170x170A friend turned me on to the Phil Vischer podcast, and I’m a fan. He co-hosts with author Skye Jethani, and they strike an amazing balance between serious conversation and humor. I’m listening to episode 195 as I write this, and so far they’ve covered Skye’s trip to Disneyland (where he was racially profiled by security multiple times and somehow made me laugh out loud with his take on it), an April Fool’s joke with a faux press release from the makers of Christian movies repenting for their schlocky products and promising to use real actors and scripts written by professional writers in the future, and the question of whether atheism is a religion. Their guest is “The Friendly Atheist” Hemat Mehta, and the good natured tone of the entire conversation is fantastic. If  you’re looking for entertaining & thought provoking input for your commute (or to take the tedium out of some other aspect of daily life) this is a delight.

Encouraging Words

UnknownI was in a lousy mood this morning, and on a lark I clicked on this series of videos from the Power of Positive Summit that landed in my inbox. I’m glad I did. I gleaned some surprising encouragement in the short videos. Two items that particularly stood out were “Trust is the ultimate human currency,” (from Brendan Suhr) and “Everybody wants to make a difference, but nobody wants to be different (from Andy Andrews.) I also loved WNBA star Tamika Catching’s interview.

These videos are free and worth checking out if you need a quick shot of encouragement.