No more false urgency

UnknownI wanted to cheer when I read this article: Don’t Create A Sense of Urgency; Foster A Sense of Purpose. I’ve spent a good chunk of time in sales, and the urgency is endless. Sometimes it was genuine: When I sold collector’s limited edition handmade sweaters, there really might only be one medium “Equestrian’s Delight” left anywhere in the country, so if a customer wanted it, she’d better buy it right away. (Of course this begs the question of whether purchasing a $500 sweater is ever urgent, but whatever…we live in a world of personal priorities.)  But mostly, the urgency was imaginary: trying to push people to act when their instincts (all our instincts, usually) was to maintain the status quo.

I appreciate the distinction Lockhart draws between urgency as a motivation and purpose. Because wow, knowing WHY I’m doing something is an entirely different story in terms of moving me out of the quicksand of inertia.

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